About Us

Brands Direct International Sdn. Bhd. (BDI) was established in 2011. We have strategically position our company with existing major supply chain channels in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia to connect with our database of customers globally. Since 2017, BDI has expanded into
Beauty and Wellness Sector with our Japanese counterpart.

We, at BDI are able to move quickly to deploy products domestically into Malaysia and globally through our vast network of connections. Our team with 28 years of experience is committed in the domestic and international import export arena to get it Right;

  • Right product at the right cost, direct to consumers

  • Right rapid delivery through established distribution channels

  • Right regulatory guidance and expertise

  • Right core values to grow and adapt to evolving global economic environment

With our team expertise, we have expanded our supply chain to support and participate in the fight of Covid-19, offering the right solutions including PPE medical essential and supplies.

In May 2020, BDI obtained exclusive distributorship rights of Cellex® q SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM Rapid Test for Malaysia. This test kit is developed by Cellex Inc. US and is the first antibody test kit to obtain US FDA authorisation for Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) and CE-IVD mark for distribution in Europe. Cellex Covid-19 Antibody q Rapid test is widely used around the world including US, Italy, Brazil, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia. TGA awarded approval to Cellex to supply in Australia and New Zealand, endorsed by FDA Philippines and ANVISA Brazil. Cellex was widely used in 60 over hospitals in Italy during the pandemic outbreak in March. We are proud to offer the Right Antibody test to all healthcare providers that is affordable, accurate, reliable results with international quality compliance and approvals.

BDI is committed to build, manage, accelerate, secure and support safety in the healthcare environment.