Furnishing your home,

                        made simpler.

Save Time. Save Money. Just choose a package, We’ll do the rest.

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Consultancy Service
Ready to assist with ideas and budgets via online enquiries


Delivery Service*
Ready to deliver direct to your home

Assembly Service
Ready to fix from box to life

Warranty Service*
Ready to protect against manufacturing defect

*subject to Terms & Conditions

Whether it's a home to live in or rent out, we all realize that furnishing a home takes a considerable investment in time and in money.

Brands Direct International makes the entire experience simpler.

We have put ourselves in your shoes and have developed packages to outfit and beautify various areas in the home, such as, the living room, the bedroom, the study room, and the patio.

Assurance :

Brands Direct International is helmed by a team that is experienced in the research, design, manufacture and marketing of furniture that last 25 years in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Advantages :

Contemporary style

Thematic appearance

Seamless design

Meticulous workmanship

Zero hassle.

We take care of everything.